A Museum For Dead Instincts

A Museum For Dead Instincts

A Museum for Dead Instincts is a brand new solo show. It places a woman's body at its centre, going through the trials and tribulations of lust, love, rejection, consent and all the so-called “blurry” in-betweens. With this project, we are diving into the nitty-gritty of such themes as sexual tension, flirtation, consent & power dynamics through the lens of our research around hormones, the menstrual cycle and gender biases in scientific research.

Audience feedback from our work-in-progress at Golden Goose Theatre in September 2021:

“The movement was so powerful. Such a magnetic performance. It was very beautiful and tender and also funny. And it raised so many interesting questions.”

“There’s something really fucking beautiful and liberating about seeing FEMALE DESIRE being spoken about and celebrated” 

“If this is still a work-in-progress then BRAVA”

Alongside our performances we want to build a community of women and menstruating people
with which we can exchange throughout the life of this project, track our cycles together, and
question the narratives that shaped us. We hold regular meet-ups for menstruating people that
you are more than welcome to join.

Sign-up here:


We are also collecting people's experiences that may or may not end up being included in the show. Fill out Clout's Anonymous Spicy Survey here: 


We are still looking for partners and venues to support us with this project, do get in touch if you want to collaborate!